Automoblox t900 Rescue Truck


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Race to the rescue with wooden truck-construction action!

The rubber tires power smoothly over all kinds of terrain to roll you straight into the firefighting action. The body is made of three extra strong, solid wood sections to provide powerful stability no matter how wild the job gets.

Race fast to the scene - The bright red wheel wells, chrome lining, detailed grill, shiny red and blue light-bar, vivid decals, and truck-bed cover let everyone know you're here to save the day.

There's even a play figure that fits inside for launching the imagination even further into endless adventure!

But... Looks and a play figure aren't the only things that make this vehicle so exciting...

Pull on almost any part of this vehicle and suddenly - Click! - It comes apart. Don't worry! It's not broken! - Piece by piece, kids get to build and rebuild this truck over and over again.

Then, once you get your hands on ANOTHER Automoblox vehicle, you can start mixing, matching, and building the ultimate rescue vehicle of your dreams!

Give it a race car front and bright red wheels. Turn the back of it into a sports car or combine it with the police car to prepare for the ultimate save-the-day chase.

Imaginations become fueled by creative construction exploration!

Amazingly versatile and built with heirloom-quality design, the Automoblox T900 Rescue Truck is here to save the brain from the perils of boredom for good.

Automoblox T900 Rescue Truck - Black/Red/Chrome
  • Wooden, modular rescue truck
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, creativity, imaginative play
  • Imaginations become fueled by creative construction exploration!
  • Features smooth-rolling rubber tires, striking "rescue" decals, shiny roof lights, red wheel wells, silver lining and hubcaps, truck-bed cover printed with red cross, chrome grill
  • Remove windshield to reveal space with slots for included play figure to sit
  • Collect other Automoblox vehicles - Mix and match parts to build the ultimate rescue vehicle of your dreams
  • Includes 4 tires, 4 wheels, 3 wooden vehicle body sections, 2 body section connectors, windshield, truck-bed cover, play figure
  • Compatible with all full-size Automoblox vehicle sets
  • Heirloom quality design and materials - Built to last for generations to come
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