Jacquard Large Tie Dye Kit


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Jacquard Large Tie Dye Kit

Fun for all ages, this kit is a fantastic introduction to tie dye! The classic tie dye never seems to go out of style. You can create yourself a vibrant tie dye piece with this easy-to-use kit. You will need to supply the fabric. Dyes up to 15 shirts!

Dye up to 15 adult-size T-shirts, with vivid, electric colors that are so colorfast they can be washed with the daily laundry. 

Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dyes are already pre-measured for you in squeeze bottles. Just add tap water. An additional empty bottle is provided for mixing color as desired. Use on any non-synthetic fabric. 

This kit includes the following materials: 

  • 3 dye colors — Red (Fuchsia), Yellow (Lemon Yellow), and Blue (Turquoise) 
  • 4 squeeze bottles 
  • Soda ash dye fixer 
  • Rubber bands 
  • 1 pair of rubber gloves 
  • Complete instructions for doing spirals, stripes, and other geometric designs

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