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Mudpuppy Guess Whooo? - Owls and Foxes


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Product Description:

Adorable animal versions of the classic "Guess Who travel-friendly game. Each game includes four write & wipe gameboards, two of each kind (cats and dogs or owls and foxes), and 2 dry-erase pens. Players decide which animal they want to play with and take turns asking each other yes/no questions until one is the first to figure out the other player's mystery animal. 2 players. ~ Megan

Publisher Description:

Part of Mudpuppy's Games to Go series, Guess Whooo? Owls and Foxes Game is an exciting guessing game for children ages 5-10 to play on the go. Players ask yes or no questions, guess the other player's character, and win! Sturdy game boards feature 18 adorable owls and foxes sporting a variety of fun accessories. With dry erase markers, no loose pieces and easy clean up, there's no hassle playing in the car, train, plane, or at home!

- 4 sturdy game boards and 2 dry erase markers with built-in erasers
- Instructions included
- Box: 8.25 x 6.5 x 1.5"
- 2 players
- Ages 5-10

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