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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Chris Tougas


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Simple rhymes offer gentle reminders to Little Star about where not to tinkle: not in the car, not on a train, not a plane. Not in a sandbox, not on a slide --- and certainly not on Grandpa's knee! And then, of course, there's the golden rule: never tinkle in the pool! While trying so hard not to have an accident, Little Star's mounting distress is evident. Until, finally, relief arrives: the potty. “Good for you! You've come so far ... Now tinkle, tinkle, Little Star.”Chris Tougas's offbeat, gender-neutral potty-training book is based on the popular nursery rhyme and can be read or sung. Tougas's background in animation for kids is apparent in the laugh-out-loud illustrations that feature Little Star's hilarious facial expressions as the toddler tries desperately to have fun while not tinkling. This somewhat irreverent but absolutely charming picture book brings hilarity and silliness to what can be a stressful time in a child's life. It makes a perfect gift for potty-training children or parents.

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