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Why Not - A Storybook & Plush


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This is your rare and wonderful life. Why not make the most of every moment? Why not find out just how remarkable your life can be?

The Why Not? Gift Set is here to cheer you on as you take brave steps toward everything you want, and everything you’re dreaming of. Because someone is going to change things for the better. Why not you?

The set features the touching children’s book, written by New York Times bestselling author Kobi Yamada, and a cuddly arctic fox, just like the faithful friend seen in the pages of Why Not? Let the combination remind you to pursue each one of your bright possibilities.

Gift set includes:

  • Why Not?: A follow-up to the bestselling book Maybe, this enchanting children’s book is here to encourage you to live with your whole heart and become whoever you want to be. It’s filled with enchanting photorealistic illustrations and empowering messages to inspire dreamers of all ages to embrace their rare and wonderous life.
  • Arctic Fox Plush: Here’s a friend to encourage you to open your eyes to a world full of wonders—and to believe that you are one of them too. This cuddly plush is a visual reminder that everything you want and everything you dream of is waiting for you.

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