Purchasing with Purpose

Social responsibility is the idea that businesses should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society; it involves developing businesses with a positive relationship to the society in which they operate. Examples of some of these areas are: organic materials, fair trade, charitable donations, mindful manufacturing, eco-friendly, etc. The products that we carry at hip-kid "check a box" in one or more of these areas. We listed a few of our vendors below with some detail about how they fit into hip-kid's concept:

They are a wonderful family-owned and operated business, committed to social responsibility and ethical manufacturing in their home of Sri Lanka.​

Cheengoo rattles are all designed with the cuteness ratio at maximum by our founder and head designer, Liz. They are then crafted ethically and environmentally by a team of artisan women - a happy band of mostly mothers and farmers in rural China. By providing free training, flexible working hours and monthly compensation in hand craft industry where workers are usually only paid bi-annually. They are improving working conditions in China by example. The result is a friendly working environment that also doubles as a support network allowing these women to earn a fair wage while satisfying their obligations at home.​

Go Gently Nation

Go Gently Nation is a culture of sustainable thinking and simplicity. An eco fashion brand that masters comfort and style while never losing sight of doing right by the environment. Using organic and sustainable fabrics, recycled paper hangtags, water based only inks, low impact dyes, recycled fabric remnants and countless eco business practices. Go Gently Nation manufactures all of their garments in Los Angeles, CA.

Green Toys
At its core, Green Toys Inc. has always been an eco-friendly toy company. In fact, we say that to us, “every day is Earth Day.” Their commitment to sustainability and playfulness is part of their DNA and they hope to inspire others to share in this passion. From their 100% recycled materials to US-based manufacturing, they’re raising awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products. They believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through goods people buy and use every day—and in their case that’s children’s products.

Haiti Babi

Jobs are hard to come by in Haiti, and it’s the little ones who suffer most. One in ten kids live in an orphanage, and 80% of them have living parents who simply cannot afford to care for them due to widespread unemployment. Haiti Babi provides jobs to moms in Haiti so they can earn a sustainable living wage, provide for their children, and keep their families together. When you give a woman a job she invests in her family and the local economy, decreasing the need for traditional aid. Haiti Babi mom earns more than twice the minimum wage, which allows her to cover her family’s basic needs and gives her the opportunity to save for the future.


Hape Toys is a multifaceted, multinational company selling toys in over 50 countries. Peter Handstein's ideals, the founder, extend far beyond creating safe, innovative products. A lifetime commitment to learning and education, led the Peter to work with local communities educating their children by building schools and enhancing their lives by teaching them to use available resources. Social responsibility, education, ecology, and innovation are ingrained in the owners heritage, and are reflected in every aspect of the Hape business, past, present, and futur​e.

Joah Love
Proudly made in the USA!


STRING DOLL ARTISTS are based in small villages in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Crafting String Dolls is the main occupation for most of our artisans, which means a reliable income and improved living standards for their families and communities in their economically developing regions. When they are not making string dolls, many of our workers spend time taking care of their families and tending to their vegetable gardens for self-sufficiency. Some have other jobs such as sewing or working in shops and restaurants. We’d like to introduce you to 19 of our enthusiastic doll makers so that you can see the people who make what we like to call ‘ten dollar pieces of art. pieces of art.’ Fair Trade means that our artists receive adequate pay for their quality work. Kamibashi has always practiced Fair Trade principles, which include working with artisans in developing countries (in our case Thailand) and paying fair prices for their amazing work. We have been a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since April 2012.

Somehow Kira Kids manages the near impossible: to combine adorable patterns that kids adore into cool outfits that hip parents approve. 100% organic cotton. We would like to see Kira Kids disclose from where their fabric is being sourced, which is an opportunity for improvement. Kira Kids makes their entire line in Los Angeles. Uses certified organic cotton, non toxic dyes, and water based inks.

Lukes Toys
Their toys are made out of an innovative material called Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). The material combines sawdust or other organic material like flax, rice hulls or coconut shells, with safe, certified plastic. The result is a product which is more substantial, durable and wood-like than 100% plastic toys. In fact, WPC is so durable that is now commonly used in backyard decks and outdoor construction, with the look and feel of real lumber. The bottom line is they are replacing 30% of the plastic with organic fillers. The plastic they use is Polypropylene, which is one of the safest plastics in existence. The wood fiber is mixed in with the plastic , so that when the part is finished, the outer surface is the plastic, with the wood fiber inside. This gives the part a silky smooth finish and durability inside. The sawdust they use is recovered from U.S. furniture manufacturers. Instead of being incinerated and contributing to CO2 emissions, they're giving it new life in their toys! They have partnered with a plastic injection molding manufacturer in Connecticut with over 40 years of experience producing high quality, precision parts for the Healthcare, Automotive and Aerospace industries. With their help, they are bringing the best qualities of WPC to toys and your kids!

Many of their products, mainly Socks & Tights are Oekotex Class 1 Certified making sure there are no harmful substances found. Furthermore they follow Danish and EU legislation and REACH program, and do random testing, to ensure no harmful substances are found in their products. They constantly follow up on new demands, and make sure the Supply Chain follows the same. They do also not only test for Harmful Substances, but also that Parameters and Functionality are kept. They follow all current legislation. And make sure their products live up to all standards and internal guidelines. They make sure Child Safety rules are strictly followed and constantly monitored. They have a high focus on the Value Chain and ethics are ensured. They strive to ensure and improve human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. They support United Nations Global Compact Initiative. https://www.unglobalcompact.org/


Milkbarn supports Exile International in bringing restoration to rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war in DR Congo and Uganda. Through art therapy and holistic, rehabilitative care, Exile International empowers former child soldiers and orphans to heal and become leaders of peace. Milkbarn donates a portion of company profits to Exile International. To learn more or help further please visit: exileinternational.org

In the modern age of globalization and everything going towards "Made in China," we, along with a growing number, have decided to be always 100% Made in USA. We believe that a business doesn't exist in isolation for solely a profit motive. We believe that businesses such as ours, have an integral and important part to play in the community that it lives in. To that end, we base our design studio and factory locally so we can hire from the community. We source all our fabrics locally so that it's always made here. We have long term relationships and friendships with all our vendor partners, which all contributes to a peace of mind and pride of creation and contribution--to our clothes, to our community, and also to ourselves, knowing that we played a part in supporting our local economy and people. When you see the "Made in USA" on our labels, know that we take pride in that, and we hope you can support us and the larger community to keep it American made, now and always. (That factory in the this image? Yep, it's where we do our work. In the USA.)

As we look forward into 2017, starting with the FW16 season, our goal is to GIVE more intentionally, and be an outlet to make an IMPACT together with all of you that have so generously shopped and supported us. TOGETHER, let us all be a source of inspiration and strength for those around us.

To achieve that, we are setting aside 10% of each sale to be given to causes in the below four areasthat we believe are key foundations for a better future for our children and for all humanity. We have some causes currently in the works, but other organizations are planned and we hope to share details with you soon!

Oh Baby!
Oh Baby is the work of Minnesota Mama, Mary Lauer. Focusing on providing local craftsmanship and unique pieces, this brand offers great options for special moments.

Utilizing top local suppliers and contractors, all pieces are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA!​


Paper Wings began life 10 years ago as the culmination of the combined experience of directors and owners Jason Gibaud and Michelle Fallon. A couple in life and business, successful careers in interior architecture, film and theatre design, in conjunction with the arrival of their daughters acted as the catalyst for a new direction in to the children’s fashion world. Despite the satisfaction and enjoyment attached to such successful careers, starting a family together gave Jason and Michelle pause to consider the constant travelling and grueling, irregular schedule that come with making feature films and theatre productions.They dreamed of a wholesome, stable family-oriented life, which still gave them the freedom to pursue their passion for design. Decision made, they moved to beautiful Mullumbimby in country New South Wales, Australia and started the children’s clothing label ‘Paper Wings’ in 2006. Although not the obvious location for a fashion business, they soon found they were surrounded by supportive and creative people who were integral in making the brand the success it is today. In this unique nurturing environment, Jason and Michelle were able to develop the imaginative, durable and fun products that form the basis of the collections available today. After a brief but rewarding time spent working in India that offered the opportunity to learn a great deal about textile production and the organic side of this industry, Jason and Michelle moved the family to Vietnam in late 2010. In Saigon they built a new production and design studio, where together with local craftspeople and skilled technicians they create Paper Wings collections each season. As one of very few children’s fashion labels that own and operate their own production studio, this places Paper Wings in the enviable position of having ultimate control over all aspects of the production process. This ownership of the entire process also allows the brand to be certain of the quality, delivery and most importantly the ethics and conditions under which all Paper Wings products are produced.

Hathay Bunano provides fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged. Hathay Bunano, means hand made or hand knitted in Bangla. The women create contemporary, beautiful soft toys all by hand. When you purchase a Pebble product, you are helping poor women in Bangladesh support their families and keep them together.

​Children don't like anything scratchy, itchy, sticking out... therefore, they stamp all the required information on the back of the garments. Petidoux pajamas are made from Pima cotton for both its softness and durability. Their original printed fabrics are printed in Lima, pre-washed and pre-shrunk and then cut and sewn in one of the best manufacturing facilities in South America. They work with Peruvian factories' managers to assure fair labor and manufacturing practices are respected. They also assure that workers will not work on any Peruvian national holidays, week-ends, and have fair and regular week-days hours.

Rylee and Cru
Rylee and Cru merges art and imagination, offering unique and artistic clothing for the modern child. The collection consists of quality basics that are each hand garment dyed, giving them a soft vintage feel right out of the box.​


Seedling products are designed and assembled in Auckland, New Zealand using both local and imported components of the highest quality. Seedling believes strongly in reducing their carbon footprint wherever they can. Seedling’s activity kit cardboard packaging is made in New Zealand and is 100% recycled and recyclable. The plastic windows included in some of this packaging are PET. All activity kit package labelling is also made in New Zealand from sustainably forested label and Kraft stock. And where this packaging includes wood, it’s made from sustainably harvested trees.

State Backpack

STATE was created to address the immediate needs of American children living with challenging – and in some cases critical - circumstances. For every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack - packed with essential tools for academic success - to an American child in need. STATE BAG DROP EVENTS are where the real impact is made. Their team of “PackMen” and "PackWomen" lead motivational rallies that leave participating kids with a renewed spirit and belief in themselves (not to mention brand new STATE backpacks). STATE Bags is proud to be a Benefit Corporation, accompanied by fellow companies creating public significance by having a material, positive impact on society.


When you buy toys from Tegu, you’re not only making a purchase that will benefit your loved one, you’re helping out the impoverished in Honduras. For every Tegu toy you buy, the company will plant 12 trees in Honduras or they will fund one day of school for a child who would normally be working laborious hours. A purchase like that can help you rest assure that you’ll be creating much more than just a smile on a child’s face​.

Tree by Kerri Lee
Beautiful and original nursery decor handmade in the USA!