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OOLY Creatibles DIY Erasers Kit


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  • EASY DIY: The easy make and bake eraser kit where you can shape and create your very own eraser. The Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit is easy as 1,2,3. You build it, bake it and erase with it. Follow the baking instructions and you'll have an amazing eraser all your own.
  • CREATIVITY: Make all sorts of amazing eraser creations with this do-it-yourself kit. Create any kind of cool shapes, characters or whatever you want your eraser to be.
  • OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS: Creatibles comes with 12 pliable clay colors that can be mixed for an endless amount of hues. With so many colors, the options are truly endless. Make cupcakes, fruit, ice cream cones, flowers, donuts and more!
  • AMAZING ERASER: After the eraser is baked and cooled, eraser will smoothly erase all your writing and drawing mistakes. Perfect for all your back-to-school needs! It's fun to make and fun to erase.
  • PORTABLE: Durable packaging allows for easy storage and portability. Case also has a handle to easily carry and can be reused.

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