InnovatedHER: Cupcake Toppers Craft Kit


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Get ready to live the sweet life! Now your girl can create, design, and sell 5 sets of adorable cupcake decorations. First, she’ll create the flower cupcake toppers, then add in the matching liners for a complete set of cupcake decorations. Inside this craft kit, she’ll also find pretty packaging so the finished product looks professionally made once it’s ready for sale. She also gets the InnovateHER™ Business Guide — this workbook will show her exactly how to set up a successful business. She’ll learn how to create, market, and sell this product. Perfect for birthdays or any celebration, these cupcake toppers make every party more fun! Inside this kit is everything you need to create and sell 5 sets (6 toppers per set) of cute cupcake toppers and liners. Slotted paper quilling tool 30 Food-safe wooden picks 60 cupcake liners 50 assorted quilling papers to make your own flower creations Glue Adorable packaging for your finished cupcake decorations The InnovateHER™ Business Guide to

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