Make It Real Sweet Treats DIY Bracelet Kit


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A bracelet kit so sweet it might give you a cavity!
Tweens will have a blast making 7 bracelets with this sweet DIY kit. Everything is included, and simple instructions will make the activity a breeze! There’s nothing sweeter than sharing memories with loved ones, so get creative with a friend. Everything you need is included, from cords to beads and charms. This kit offers both a fun activity and a way to express creativity, making it a great gift idea. What a treat!

4 faux suede lace 50 cm (19.75 in) each
1 clear elastic cord 4 m (4.4 yd)
1 cotton cord 50 cm (19.75 in) each
265 assorted beads
6 charms
1 chain bracelet
1 bead tray
1 instruction sheet

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