Science Can Crystal Dinosaur Growing Deluxe Kit


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    • SCIENCE IS NOT DULL: Brighten your kid's day with an engaging crystal growing science experiment that will make science class look a lot more exciting. By doing experiments, kids no longer feel that science is mysterious and remote. Crystal growing not only can let kids feel the charm of science, but also can give them a sense of achievement after they grow their own crystals
    • DO IT YOURSELF: Each crystal growing kit contains a detailed instruction manual with illustration. As long as the steps in the manual are followed, the crystal will grow out! When accompanied by an adult to ensure safety, kids should be encouraged to do experiments by themselves (adults can help when necessary, such as pouring boiling water into the measuring cup)
    • BE CAREFUL AND PATIENT: The crystal growth experiment requires kids to follow the instructions strictly. Dissolving - placing the solution statically - observing crystal growth - removing crystal, the whole process of the experiment requires kids to operate accurately, observe carefully and wait patiently. Meanwhile, kids' reading comprehension, hands-on ability, observation ability and patience are significantly exercised during the crystal growing experiment
    • MULTIPLE COLORS AND STYLES: There are 3 kit available - blue ankylosaurus crystal kit, purple spinosaurus crystal kit and orange stegosaurus crystal kit. Every single kit includes 1 measuring cup, 1 stir bar, 1 pedestal, 1 dinosaur egg, 1 dinosaur, 2 seed crystal and 3 bags of crystal powder. We also launched a deluxe crystal kit which include 1 measuring cup, 1 stir bar, 1 pedestal,3 dinosaur egg, 3 dinosaur, 3 seed crystal and 6 bags of crystal powder for super fans
    • STEAM KIT: Science Can STEAM series provide kids high-quality educational toys. This interesting crystal growing experiment can help kids inspire a lifelong love of science and learning. Great gift for boys and girls over 8 years old