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Thames & Kosmos Kids First Robot Safari


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Hands-on Model Building for Imaginative Young Engineers!

Follow the story of Remus, the Omega family’s robotic teddy bear, as he embarks on a fun-filled safari adventure. Along the way, Remus encounters eight different robotic animals from all over the globe, including a llama, unicorn, narwhal, and more. As they follow the story, kids can build models of these motorized robotic animals and get a fun introduction to mechanical engineering.

  • Ages 5 to 7+
  • 32-page, full-color illustrated storybook manual
  • 146 pieces
  • Builds 8 models that move using a battery-powered motor (2 AA batteries required, not included)
  • Large cubic building pieces are perfect for small hands!
  • Product Features

Storybook Manual

The 32-page, full-color illustrated manual is actually a storybook that centers around the adventures of the Omegas--the family of makers and engineers featured in other Kids First early engineering kits. When Remus, the family's robotic teddy bear, finds himself separated from the rest of his family, he embarks on a fun-filled safari adventure to reunite with them. Along the way, he encounters eight different robotic animals from all over the globe: a llama, unicorn, narwhal, polar bear, cat, crab, fox, and sea otter. Interspersed throughout the story are step-by-step illustrated instructions so that kids can build working models of the animals featured in the story.


The Models

The kit comes with 146 building pieces to assemble each of the eight models one at a time: Luis the Llama, Eunice the Unicorn, Narbert the Narwhal, Paul the Polar Bear, Christy the Crab, Frida the Fox, Otto the Otter, and Cathy the Cat. The large, cubic plastic components make it easy for small hands to put the models together and provide the perfect opportunity to develop fine motor skills at a young age. The models come to life with the help of a battery-powered motor box (2 AA batteries required, not included). After building the models, kids will learn how the motor, gears, and mechanical parts work together to move each model in a different way: the llama leaps, the unicorn gallops, the narwhal moves its tail as it swims along, the crab scuttles sideways, and so on!


Robot Safari provides an engaging way to teach simple mechanical engineering concepts to young children, allowing parents, teachers, and caregivers to lay the groundwork for strong STEM-related skills and comprehension at a young age. Through model-building and experimentation, kids can use this STEM kit to develop mechanical, visual-spatial, and reasoning skills.

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